While we thought, after May 2019 European election, to have overcome the risk of having populists with a big weight in European Parliament, while we were slowly recovery from and fully realizing that Brexit was happening, here comes the virus to show us how fragile is the idea of a European Union as a strong, cooperative, supportive project.

The virus had immediately an impact on all those elements of the European project which we all think make it worth and valuable to fight for: free mobility of people, cooperation projects, cultural events.

While these pillars were forced to stop, it was striking the contrast between what the European project is meant to be by its institutions (European Parliament and European Commission) and what it is actually the reality and practice from the Member States when it comes to take those decisions and then actions which will give full economic, political and social sense to the European project.

While we write the whole idea of Europe is at risk and the word Europe might be emptied of any relevance by the end of these times. But what if these crazy times become the chance for more Europe? What if the Member States decide to push and finally overcome the last barriers to something more than what Europe is today and to the difference between what we all would like the project to be and what we are forced to see when it comes to key, strategic and supportive decision.

- Paolo MontemurroMaterahubLo Stato dei Luoghi